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Who are we?

Sell My House Quickly are full time property professionals based in Chatham.

Sell My House Quickly Chatham is managed by partners Paul and Janet, who both have extensive  property experience, not only in the Chatham area, but all across the UK. As they have completed numerous deals within the familiar town of Chatham, they are able to assure each and every client gets the best possible outcome for the sale of their home.

When you work with SMHQC, you can feel confident that you are communicating directly with friendly professionals who will be with you every step of the way.

The drive to go about property in a different way comes from Paul and Janet’s experiences with estate agents and third parties. Cut out the middle man!

You might be familiar with some of the issues you can face when selling through agents:

  • Relying on long chains processing their own sales in a timely manner
  • Poor management and communication from the agents, especially slow reply times
  • Paperwork not being completed quickly as the agents are waiting on third parties
  • Poorly sourced solicitors within the chain taking too long to process information
  • Slow mortgage offers due to surveyors

SMHQC is dedicated to making the sale of your property as easy as possible. From their own experience, they know it shouldn’t be as drawn out and expensive as agents can make it!

The service they offer will ensure you can get a quick cash sale. You don’t need to be weighed down by the usual stresses of selling a property; get right back to living your life!

For a valuation of your property and a cash offer, get in touch today.

Sell My House Quickly Chatham

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